Aidan Farkas '24

The Prep has given me a deep insight into my personal values. In the game of golf, you need to have a high moral standard and it's never worth it to compromise that. Integrity in golf—and in life—is all on you."
Always striving for excellence.
Always moving forward.
Athletics at St. Joseph's Prep is an integral part of the educational experience. More than 75 percent of Prep students participate in Athletics. The members of the Prep coaching staff endeavor to instill the qualities of leadership, loyalty, and sportsmanship in our students. By participating in sports, the student-athlete learns to cope with winning and losing; to remain humble in victory and proud in defeat.

St. Joseph's Prep is a member of the Philadelphia Catholic League and District XII of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA).

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The St. Joseph's Preparatory School Song
by Gannon-Cailliet

Swing on along with the Crimson,
Swing on along with the Gray,
Roll up the score once again for St. Joe's Prep
With a hip, hip, hip hooray;
The game is ours for the winning.
The day is dark for the foe,
So fight team fight,
And we'll bring home tonight,
A victory for old St. Joe!
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